White Rabbit was born in 2008 in the unassuming surrounds of Healesville, Victoria. We started with the original brew kit from our friends at Little Creatures,
 plus our beloved open top fermenters. As our imagination grew, so too did our need for space to experiment. So, in 2013 we set off on a new adventure in Geelong.

At White Rabbit we play with an intriguing use of ingredients and embrace the weird and wonderful to create ales with unique and complex characters and aromas. And our new home has allowed us to stretch our legs, expand our minds and explore the wonderful world of barrel aging, where an extra depth of flavour and complexity finds its way into our beers.

Our Brewery & Barrel Hall in Geelong, is a space for inquisitive minds looking to pique their curiosity by following White Rabbit on a little adventure to explore, play and taste our world of imagination.

People can wonder through our array of old and new barrels ageing all sorts of ales and other little experiments, take a peek inside our open top fermenters, taste something new from the ‘curious’ tap and fully immerse themselves in a place where fermentation meets imagination.  

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