Beyond The Beer

We love the granular details of craft beer; not only all of the component pieces around different styles, ingredients and flavours but also the culture that surrounds it, and the personalities that colour it.

That’s what we’ll share with you here, content that takes you beyond the beer and immerses you in craft beer culture.

White Rabbit Grand Cru with Rhi
Malt Shovel Garage 17 May 2022
Taste the 2020 Vintage of White Rabbit Grand Cru
Panhead x Rolling Stone Nay Slayer
Malt Shovel Garage 12 April 2022
Taste the newest release from Panhead with Lofty
Brooklyn Bel Air Cocktail Club
Malt Shovel Garage 03 February 2021
Mix up your Brooklyn Bel Air Sour with this stunner of a cocktail.
The Brewing Process
Malt Shovel Garage 11 January 2021
We look into the Brewing Process with Malt Shovel Brewers.
Behind The Brewery: Eumundi Brewery
Malt Shovel Garage 08 October 2020
Explore behind the roller doors of the Eumundi Brewery