About Us

The Craft Garage is not just a place where you come to buy craft beer.
Behind the roller doors is a destination where new craft beer drinkers can come to start their journey, and older hands continue theirs, through our curated line up of boutique, local and international craft beers.

Our knowledgeable and passionate team of craft beer experts take drinkers on a journey through the world of craft beer, educating and inspiring them along the way.

It’s a place where Craft drinkers are encouraged to dive throat first into the culture that pervades craft beer, wrapping them up in its stories, giving them access behind the scenes and helping facilitate their own personal experiences with craft beer.

In short, our aim is to make The Craft Garage Australia’s most authentic and immersive online destination for craft beer drinkers, to go beyond the beer and discover the world of craft like never before. And to always have a bloody good time while doing so! 

The Craft Garage