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We batched the first one back in ‘98.
Ever since then, there’s been beers between our ears.
Wake up. Think about beer.
Go to sleep. Think about beer.
Brew a beer. Beer.
How can we make it darker, lighter, fresher, richer, crisper, better. It’s a new day. What shall we brew?
What conventions can we challenge?
Can we create complex stuff but still simplify the process? When getting experimental how do we maintain perfect balance? Our minds busy with radical hops and maltier malts.
We get excited about fermentation.
We dream about yeast. There, we said it.
When you meet a Malt Shovel Brewer, you’ll see.
There’s always something going on up there.
Cogs turning, mashers stirring, recipes forming, beers being born. A grain of an idea here.

An idea about a grain there.
Different malts on different shovels.
It’s a new day. What shall we brew?
Maybe a new porter from a dark corner of Freshie’s mind.
A hoppy Kolsch concocted by Skorch and Sturat.
A ridiculous watermelon sour imagined by Haydo.
To be honest, we don’t know.
Whatever’s brewing in those 20 year old kettles,
there’s always another one brewing in our brain.
And no matter what beer comes out of the brewery
It better taste better than your last one.

Malt Shovel Brewers. Always something brewing.


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