July 4th Food Pairing

15.06.2021 by Malt Shovel Garage

The 4th of July is a great time to indulge in the overt and exciting flavours of American craft beer and party food. Here’s a few ideas to set off some taste bud fireworks.


Buffalo Wings – Voodoo IPA

              A fresh serve of Buffalo Wings, with that bright aroma of vinegar & spice prickles really prickles the nose. This world-famous bar food is built for sharing and is best served with a pint. An American IPA that showcases Hops like Voodoo Ranger will lift the intensity of the slice, contrast superbly with the vinegar and cut right through the buttery sauce.


Pulled Pork – Brooklyn Bel Air Sour

              Slowed cooked pork with BBQ sauce can be very rich and is often served with a pickle on the side to cut through it all. The zippy acidity of Brooklyn Bel Air will slice through the rich fatty pork and sticky sauce.


Burgers – Brooklyn Lager

              There are plenty of reasons to pair an amber beer like Brooklyn Lager with a classic burger. The malt flavours buddy up with a toasted bun and the charred grill lines on the patty, and there’s a special kind of magic that happens with malt & cascade hop flavours meet mustard.


Fruity Pies – Brooklyn Pulp Art

From pumpkin pie, to key lime, to cheesecake, to huckleberry the USA has a wonderful array of rich sweet and often fruity pies. Cut through the rich dessert pies and bring a whole lot of fruit flavour to the party, you can’t go wrong with a Hazy IPA. Try Brooklyn Pulp Art if you want to make a fruity dessert even fruiter.

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