How To Pair Craft Beer & BBQ Food

30.10.2020 by Malt Shovel Garage

BBQ season is finally here and one thing I think we can all agree on is just how good it is to get outside in the open air, fire up the barbie, and throw on everything from snags to steaks and lamb chops to king prawns. Whether you’re the one holding the tongs and showing off your skills on the grills, or just lucky enough to be invited along for a free feed, the great Aussie barbie is one of life’s joys we all love to share.

Of course, no Aussie barbie is complete without a few drinks. And while there’s always room for bubbles or even a cheeky rum, nothing better compliments all those smoky flavours than craft beer. From pilsners, to amber ales and IPA’s there’s a craft beer for every BBQ dish.



Belgian Wit Beer - White Rabbit White Ale

Whether you keep your prawns simple: shelled, cold with lemon, or you bring them to the table with a hit of south-east Asian flavours, Wit Bier has the subtlety to work well with any citrus or spice.

And when it comes to Wit beers, there are few, if any, better than White Rabbit White Ale. After all, it didn’t win Best Australian Beer by mistake, and it will likely win everyone over at your BBQ when served as the prawns come out.


Lamb Chops / Steak

West Coast IPA - Little Creatures IPA

The lines of char from a grill can really dial up the flavours of stronger-tasting proteins, and what you need to balance those roasty flavours out, is a big, dry, bitter IPA like Little Creatures West Coast IPA. It will stand up to any main course and still deliver a refreshing taste.


Snags With Mustard

Amber Lager or Ale – Brooklyn Lager

Amber lagers & ales are generally food friendly and go really well with pretty much every BBQ dish especially the classic Aussie snag. So, if like me you have a heavy hand with the mustard, let me clue you in on a little secret. Mustard loves malt. Like, really loves it. And the soft spicy hops and toasty malt going on in Brooklyn Lager will really let that mustard sing.


Potato salad

Pilsener or Pale Lager – Eumundi Lager or James Squire Broken Shackles

Lager brewed in the classic European way is a little more refined with a light, spritzy body and soft well-rounded bitterness. These textures cut through a mayo dressing just perfectly, and the softer flavours buddy up nicely with the soft texture of the spuds.


Fresh fruit

Kettle Sour – Brooklyn Bel Air Sour

When bringing out seasonal fruits to finish up after a rich BBQ, one way to highlight their flavour is through the acidity of a sour beer such as the Brooklyn Bel Air Sour. Packed with lighter, seasonal flavours, it’s sure to wake up your palate.


As the cook

Amber or ESB - Little Creatures Rogers

As the cook, you need to stay on top of your game throughout the day to make sure those snags and prawns are grilled just right. The lower ABV of Little Creatures Rogers makes it the perfect beer to sit on and savour. Like all good amber ales, it can be enjoyed at two speeds: straight out of the esky to accentuate its hoppy bitterness, or slightly warmer, so all the lovely malt flavours come to the fore.


One final little word of advice…

It sounds obvious, and I suppose it is, but beer really does taste better from a clean glass. It gives you a much truer representation of its texture and aromas. But having said that, it’s not always practical to hold a glass in one hand and BBQ plate in the other, which is why that great Aussie invention, the stubby cooler, was born. So, make sure you’ve got several on hand for your next barbie and you’ll be all set for a cracking feed.



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